Artist Statement

The main influence for my work is life in all its shapes and forms. I find it fascinating how each atom and each cell is a whole in itself, but how it’s also always a part of a bigger context. It gives connection between things and meaning for each other. In my view it connects everything in life, the continuity of it and rebirth, which are the main themes I keep coming back to.

I get often inspired by the things that happen in daily routine. These are the moments that I experience and which get registered to my head almost unconciously. These are the everyday things and details which we usually don’t notice and which we don’t pay any attention to, but it’s still all connected. The environment, the surroundings and the people and their connection to each other. The constantly changing shapes in nature, mathematic patterns and unpredictableness, it all keeps coming back to me again and again.

In my work I feel I need to capture these moments in the universe, where nothing else stays the same than the constant change. I desire to trap the time that we cannot stop, the moments that are passing by and the circle of life. In all this I feel nothing but a small part of it, studying life, observing my surroundings and the life that goes on around me while I want to re-create it again in my work.


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